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ABBA Gas Cooktop With 4 Burners is an exclusive piece manufactured with high-end materials, designed to deliver a high cooking performance, and versatile to any kitchen space.

Effortless cleaning, durability, multiple heating options with a Stainless Steel base. Modern style at home to deliver a high cooking performance, and versatile to any kitchen space.

  • Color Gas Burner: Our 24-inch gas cooktop features 3 fast burners and 1 ultra-fast burner that deliver the right amount of heat every time.

  • Lightweight & Easy Installation: This 4-burner cooktop weighs only 39.9 pounds (18.1 kg). You can easily install this within your countertop to create a sleek and modern design.

  • Easy to Clean: The enameled stainless-steel table-top and aluminum burners are non-stick and easy to clean; Simply remove the aluminum base burners and porcelain covers from the stove top, spray the stainless-steel table, wipe, and store your clean cooktop.

  • Gas Powered Stove Top: Our gas-powered burners will quickly heat up to your desired temperature; These burners will heat up much faster than an electric stove top to make your time cooking more efficient; Cook your favorite meals and enjoy delicious dishes quickly and safely.

  • Beautiful Design: The utility and elegant Abba stove will give your kitchen a color touch, Ideal for a house, an apartment, or even an RV, the 24-inch gas cooktop is the ideal size for any countertop.


ABBA Color Gas Cooktop 24-inch with 4 Burners
23999 28799

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