Artesano Home Decor Enamelware Marbled 16 Piece Dinnerware is a unique Set that has an inorganic and vitreous porcelain enamel coating that perfectly covers the carbon steel which it is made, protecting it from oxidation and corrosion.

A perfect piece for a unique decoration creating a special ambient with your dinnerware and enrich your dining table with color & style.


Combining all of our enamelware products, our 16 piece set is what you need to host a party filled with fun patterns and colors. Host a fun-filled outdoor gathering with our Dune set. 





Dinner Plate Dune

1" 10" 1"

Dessert Plate Dune

1" 7" 1"

Mug Dune

3" 5" 3"

Bowl Dune

3" 7" 3"

Marbled 16 Piece Enamelware Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

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