An enamelware casserole dish is an important cookware essential that any kitchen must have, perfect for whipping up casual family meals and potluck dishes alike. This special casserole is developed with a lid to help you to serve delicious meals while gaining more control over every step. Crafted from enamelware, it offers an oven- and dishwasher-safe design for easy prep and quick cleanup, not recommended for your stove top.


  • It's enameled surface finish is inspired by the nature of the caribbean sea using black, blue and brown coral colors.
  • Expert artisans enamel the pieces by hand, making each piece a unique object; no two pieces are alike.
  • With proper care, enameled products can last for many years as colors and their brightness remain intact, so that you can pass them on from one generation to another.
Dune Enamelware Casserole Dish (Set of 4)

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